• Steamed Har Gaw Dumplings
  • Grilled marinated seabass served with sautéed spinach
  • Steamed Siu Mai Dumpling
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About us

C.O.D stands for “Catch of the Day” and describes our restaurant’s dedication to serving only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available on the market. Our fish is never frozen. Seafood is the focus at C.O.D, but everything else―from the microgreens to pork belly―is also presented at the peak of freshness.

Marcus Kwan, the Owner

Marcus Kwan


Owner and executive chef Marcus Kwan’s journey to the kitchen began at a young age. While his father and mother toiled as rice farmers in their small Cantonese village, a 7-year-old Marcus cooked simple meals for himself out of necessity. A favorite of his at that tender age was pan-fried fish (much like C.O.D’s pan-fried sea bream).

Soon, Marcus discovered his devotion for cooking was a strong one. He continued his culinary pursuits at home, experimenting with ingredients and developing flavors. At 15, Marcus roasted his first suckling pig. At C.O.D, you can experience the decades of perfected craftsmanship in a bite of the Crispy Pork Belly.

It was in 1989 when Marcus immigrated to the U.S. and began working in restaurants. After working his way up in the industry, he saved enough money to launch his first restaurant, Wokcano. In fact, C.O.D resides on the site of the original Wokcano, keeping intact the spirit of Marcus’s restaurateur devotion.

After 16 years of running several successful Wokcano restaurants, his latest concept C.O.D further expresses Marcus’s love of fresh food created with passion and honesty. He welcomes you to join him at his table.